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January 20, 2013

Okay… so this Podcast idea never took off, other than the initial episode (of which, I no longer even have a copy of). I am disappointed in myself for dropping the ball on this as I received a lot of positive feedback on the single episode that I actually did release. So, I think that I am seriously going to re-look at starting this project up again, but I don’t want to make any promises that I may break.. Let me know what you folks thisnk.


September 9, 2008

Episode Two is Close at Hand

Nearing completion, but not there yet, here is a rough outline of what I plan to cover in second episode of the podcast:

Yesterdaze Arcade Podcast – Episode 2


Outline for the show

MAME emulation and Mame cabinets

Mini arcade cabs (mostly from Coleco, but a couple of modern ones)


·Donkey Kong



·Space Invaders (new)

Flea Market Finds

·Radio Shack Full-Color TV Scoreboard


·Light gun

·Still in box, unused

·4 player

·Tennis, Skeet, Target, Hockey, Squash, Practice.

·MANIAC Electronic board game from Ideal

·An electronic game that is actually four games in one.

·Each of up to four players has an electronic ‘paddle’ mounted on the game console.

·In the first round, Maniac plays random tones and then suddenly stops. The first player to hit their paddle gets 2 points, the second player gets a point. Anyone else gets a “raspberry”.

·In round two, Maniac plays a series of random tones of varying speed and pitch. The players nust count the tones. When done, Maniac starts beeping… when the number of beeps equal the number of tones, players hit their paddles. Again, if you get the correct number you gain 2 points, if you are one off you get a point, otherwise you get the “raspberry”.

·Third round… Maniac displays beeps and lights in a seeming random patern, then displays three more patterns (one of which may or may not match the original). If the original pattern is repeated… hit that paddle. The 2 points, one point, zero points are awarded as before.

·Last round. Maniac plays a constant high pitched tone for a length of time. When the tone stops, players must hold down their paddle for the same length of time… whoever is closest gets the 2 points… etc.

·Each of the above rounds are repeated three times before moving on to the next. If nobody has won the game, it repeats the rounds in order.

·When one player has obtained 25 points he wins.

Bonus Garage Sale Find: Atari Joystick in the box for $2.00

Console Spotlight:

Leisure Vision (Canada)

·Known as the Emerson Arcadia 2001 in other parts of the world

·Unsuccessful, atleast in North America

·Very few official arcade ports. Galaxian was released, Crazy Climber was announced, but unreleased

·Reasonably good Berzerk clone called Robot Killer

·Intellivision like controllers with small screw in joystick

Retro Movie Spotlight

Neighbors (1981)

·Dark comedy

·Starring John Belushi (straightman), Dan Akroyd, Kathryn Walker, Cathy Moriarty

John Belushi plays Earl Keese, a boring regular guy in a boring marriage, in a boring regular house at the end of a boring cul-de-sac in the boring suburbs. A very boring life in general until new neighbors move in next door.

Dan Akroyd and Cathy Moriarty play Vic and Ramona, a bizarre couple that move in to the house next to the Keese home and in a period of just over a day manage to turn Earl’s house and home upside down.

Vic is the consumate slick con man, while Ramona is a red headed temptress and together they take Earl to the brink of insanity and then a little ways over.

Very funny and unusual to see John Belushi play the staight man.

Was hard to find, but recently re-released on DVD

Highly recommended.

Top Ten Songs from Rolling Stone Magazine

June 30, 2008

Well I posted this about 5 days ago on the front page, so I guess it deserves to be posted here, too:

The Podcast is Up!!!

25 06 2008

Hey folks!podcast

I know that this took way too long, but the premier episode of the Yesterdaze Arcade  Podcast is up.

A rough piece, I hope you find it entertaining, none the less. Audio levels bounce up and down a bit, but it’s assembled. I am hoping that the next episode is a little more polished!

In this first episode I introduce myself and give a brief history of my introduction to video gaming, throw a spotlight on the Vectrex gaming console, Myles from Nowhere gives a look back to 1984 an a bit more!

Please give it a listen at the following links:itunes

(a little better experience, including embedded art)


RSS feed. Useful for many who would like to subscribe to the Podcast using something other than iTunes. Hey, it should even work on your Sony PSP’s RSS reader (if you have a Sony PSP)


(Right click and choose “save link as”) Just the plain ol’ mp3 of the Podcast for you to download and listen to on anything you want… within reason: I doubt “wanting to play it on a toaster will make that happen.

June 8, 2008

Podcast back on track!

So, I managed to sit down last night and (re)record quite a bit of my rambling to be used on the Podcast. I also created a new intro. I’ll have both intros posted here (see below). Please let me know which one you like and I’ll go with that one. I am also open to changes in either one, so let the suggestions fly!



May 20, 2008

Possible intro to the Podcast recorded. Pretty rough, but tell me what you think:


May 19, 2008

Actually got 30+ minutes of rambling down. That brings me a lot closer to having the podcast done than I was yesterday!

Coming soon… Very soon!!!

7 responses

25 05 2008

soon .. any moment now … I like the intro…. IMO there should be a vocal welcome…. then the sound effects then the station ID…..but s that just me..:) really sounded like an 80s arcade good editing

27 05 2008

I think it sounded great!

28 06 2008
Kristi aka Callisto007

Sounded awesome Catfishman! I agree about the intro sounded like a bunch of noise, but it definitely has possibilities. Well done for being pretty much off of the top of your head. Looking forward to hearing more podcasts in the future! Keep ’em coming!

12 08 2008
Michael van den Berg

Wow! Great first podcast! I wasn’t quite a tween during the 80s so I had to look up a few references. 🙂 It was great and looking forward to hearing the next one!

27 05 2009


As promised, I’m checking out the first podcast today while I’m on the road. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while now.

31 08 2010

So any update yet on podcasts? I downloaded it way back in 2008, and have been going through grad school waiting for more! Or maybe I’m dumb and can’t find the stash of podcasts?

18 11 2010

You know, there has not been an update, but I will set myself a date (soon) and get ‘er done.

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