The New Star Trek Movie: Did you happen to notice those two doohickeys on the console in front of Chekov and Sulu?

22 05 2009

Wow, did I like this movie. They did such a great job creating a great movie, and resetting the series to boot. One thing , though, made me laugh out loud.

I have noticed that through out the history of Star Trek, many mundane everyday sort of objects end up being used as props for their mildly futuristic looking designs. I was very happy to see that J.J. Abrams has continued with this tradition. You see, i work as a manager in a retail office supply store called… well lets just call the place Paperclips, anyway, at our cash registers are equipped with bar code scanners from a company called Symbol. Funny thing is, the bridge of the Starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is also equiped with the very same scanners!

Yep, here I am watching this (AWESOME!) movie when I get the first glimpse of the bridge, and right there in front of everything are two of these Symbol bar code scanners. I actually laughed out loud when I saw them. Check out the pictures below for yourself.

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trek-trailer-bridge-detail copy

star_trek_10 copy


Here are the scanners at my work





Told you so!