Recent Pick Up: Game Boy Advance And Mortal Kombat 4 For The Game Boy Color

8 04 2014

Went to one of a couple local flea markets here in Calgary last Sunday (April 6, 2014) and grabbed this Game Boy Advance and a copy of Mortal Kombat 4 for the Game Boy Color. Nothing fancy, but I did need an original Game Boy Advance since mine went missing several years ago, and as for the Mortal Kombat 4 cartridge… well, it was included. Got both of them for $20 Canadian.


Merry Solstice/Christmas/Hanukah/Saturnalia – -Here’s 10 Great Classic Atari Commercials!

24 12 2013

Hope you all have a great Holiday season folks!!!!

My New,Old Mego 2-XL

22 10 2013

So I finally managed to score a classic Mego 2-XL educational robot shaped 8-track playing toy. The device asks you questions, and you choose multiple choice answers, pushing the corresponding answer button. Simple but cool, I really wanted one of these when I was a kid…And now I have one!

Check out the crappy demo’s I made below:

Space Fortress On the Bally Astrocade

13 05 2013

Just me playing the great arcade game port of Space Fortress on the Bally Astrocade. The original arcade game was called Space Zap, something I couldn’t remember when I was recording the video.

Check out my video below:

To get a better idea how good this console was, check out the original arcade game in this video I found on Youtube:

Pacman – The Movie

22 05 2010

In light of the recent 30th Anniversary of the release of Pacman into the wild, I’ll post this link to a Youtube video of Pacman, The Movie.


Just very silly, stupid stuff and I love it.


The New Star Trek Movie: Did you happen to notice those two doohickeys on the console in front of Chekov and Sulu?

22 05 2009

Wow, did I like this movie. They did such a great job creating a great movie, and resetting the series to boot. One thing , though, made me laugh out loud.

I have noticed that through out the history of Star Trek, many mundane everyday sort of objects end up being used as props for their mildly futuristic looking designs. I was very happy to see that J.J. Abrams has continued with this tradition. You see, i work as a manager in a retail office supply store called… well lets just call the place Paperclips, anyway, at our cash registers are equipped with bar code scanners from a company called Symbol. Funny thing is, the bridge of the Starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is also equiped with the very same scanners!

Yep, here I am watching this (AWESOME!) movie when I get the first glimpse of the bridge, and right there in front of everything are two of these Symbol bar code scanners. I actually laughed out loud when I saw them. Check out the pictures below for yourself.

Click to enlarge

trek-trailer-bridge-detail copy

star_trek_10 copy


Here are the scanners at my work





Told you so!