My Collection

I was racking my brain to list all my systems, and this is what I came up with so far. This is neither organized or complete, as I know that there are a few games and systems here and there that I’ve forgotton. I’ll try to update the list as I run across them.

Here it is so far:

Catfishman’s Increasingly Ridiculous Video and Electronic Game Collection
System Name Manufacturer System Type North American Rease Date
2600 (4 button) Atari console 1978
Gemini Coleco console 1982
Intellivision Mattel console 1979
Colecovision Coleco console 1982
Leisurevision Emerson console 1981
7800 Atari console 1986
NES (Nintendo Enetertainment System) Nintendo console 1986
Master System Sega console 1986
Genesis Sega console 1989
Saturn Sega console 1995
Dreamcast Sega console 1999
Game Gear Sega console 1990
Nintendo 64 Nintendo console 1996
Super Nintendo Nintendo console 1991
Wii Nintendo console 2006
TurboGrafX 16 NEC console 1989
TurboDuo NEC console 1992
Colour Sports Lloyd console 1976
Vectrex GEC console 1982
Gameboy Nintendo hand held 1989
Gameboy Pocket Nintendo hand held 1996
Gameboy Color Nintendo hand held 1998
Gameboy Advance Nintendo hand held 2001
Gameboy Advance SP Nintendo hand held 2003
Gameboy Micro (20th Anniversary edition) Nintendo hand held 2005
DS Lite Nintendo hand held 2006
2600 (6 button) Atari console 1977
Game Cube Nintendo console 2001
XBOX Microsoft console 2001
XBOX 360 Microsoft console 2005
Playstation Sony console 1995
Playstation 2 Sony console 2000
Playstation 3 Sony computer 2006
PSP Sony hand held 2004
Lynx Atari hand held 1989
XEGS Atari console/computer 1987
X’EYE JVC console 1991
CD32 Commodore console 1993
CDX Sega console 1994
Pacman Coleco Mini-Cab 1981
Donkey Kong Coleco Mini-Cab 1981
Galaxian Coleco Mini-Cab 1981
Donkey Kong 3 Nintendo Game & Watch 1984
Donkey Kong Nintendo Game & Watch 1982
Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Game & Watch 1986
3DO Panasonic console 1993
NES Clone Unknown console 2001
VIC-20 Commodore computer 1980
Alien Attack Tomy Mini-Cab 1982
Super Cobra Tandy Mini-Cab 1985
Space Invaders Unknown Mini-Cab 2005
Defender Entex hand held 1982
Fireman Nintendo Game & Watch 1982
Pacman Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Pinball Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Frogger Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Atari 10 in 1 Jakks Pacific TV Game 2004
Star Wars Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Ms Pacman Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Ms Pacman (wireless) Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Spiderman Jakks Pacific TV Game 2005
Atari Flashback Atari TV Game 2004
Atari Flashback 2 Atari TV Game 2005

5 responses

10 04 2009

Holy crap Catfish…when I see it all on a spreadsheet like that…..

19 05 2009

Wow. I certainly respect the immense collection. Some things you have here, I’d have gladly died for in the 80s. Do you know of the Fairchild Video Entertainment System? I had one as a kid, and it had probably the most advanced controllers of its time.

Anyway, just stumbled on your site by searching an oddball jpg file, so I won’t hang around a bug you.

Best of luck in your collection.

20 05 2009

Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I have heard of the Fairchild game system. I hope to find one during one of my fleamarket/garage sale trips. Well, take care and feel free to drop back any time.


27 05 2009

Nice collection man, and its really nice to see someone else in North America with a Sega Master System. Which games do you have for it?

27 05 2009

DUR, sorry for the double post, I forgot to post my collection as promised.


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