The History Of Hockey Video Games

15 04 2013

I found this on a fellow classic gamer’s Youtube Channel, Atarileaf. It’s a history of Hockey video games by a Canadian gamer. Funny stuff and you should watch it!

Upgraded My MAME Cabinet

12 05 2008

cab Hello folks!

So, I spent a few bucks this weekend and upgraded my arcade cabinet’s guts. Previously, it was running an AMD Sempron 2500+ with 768 megs of ram. I purchased a new motherboard (EVGA), dropped in a Intel Core2Duo processor (I had it left over from my last upgrade to my desktop pc), 2 gigs of DDR 2 ram and a new power supply. This machine flies now (for a MAME cabinet, that is).

I stuck with the motherboard’s onboard NVIDIA graphics, as arcade emulation doesn’t require any real 3-D rendering. I am now thinking that I might upgrade the video, too as I may decide to put some more modern games on the system if I can make them mesh with the arcade controls. I also went with the onboard audio, and I have no regrets with that, as it seems to work well. I am using a 2.1 audio setup (two speakers plus a sub-woofer) at the moment, but am considering ways of doing a 4.1 or 5.1 setup in the arcade machine. It would require a redesign of the control panel, but that was something I was already planning anyway.

I was planning on dropping in a 19 inch Samsung flat panel monitor in place of the 19 inch Samsung Sync Master CRT monitor that is in there right now, but that will have to wait, as that will actually take some wood work that I was not prepared to do this weekend. I know a lot of people prefer the CRT for MAME cabinet use, but the Sync Master is fading (focus is way off), and this flat panel is very bright and crisp…and sitting right here.

I then installed Windows XP Media Center (and all updates), along with re-installing Mamewah, the arcade cabinet friendly frontend for the Mame emulator. It also works very well with other command line emulators, though it can be frustrating to setup, initially.

Another change I want to make is to completely redo the artwork for the bezel – Heck, I want to redo the whole bezel it self, as I am using black foam-core with pasted on graphics. Kind of tacky, and it is starting to take a beating from my removing the plexi-glass to get at the monitor controls.

I have to say that I am wrestling with the possibility of just buying a cocktail cabinet and putting everything in there and ditching the upright machine, but I haven’t decided if I really want to do all that work…


-If you are interested, you can read an earlier post about my MAME cabinet here.

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Most Precarious” by Blues Traveler

Wolfenstein 3-D – 16 Years Old Today (may 5th, 2008)

5 05 2008


Wolfenstein 3-D is old enough to drive today!!!

Wow, that 16 years passed quickly! Released on May 5th, 1992, Wolfenstein 3-D showed just what a PC could do, gaming wise. Available in the shareware bin at my local department stores for years, this was the first game that I bought the full version of after playing the demo.

Wolfenstein brought a (simulated) three dimensional play field to life. You were a U.S. Commando by the name of BJ Blazkowicz and it was your job to escape a Nazi prison while ridding the place of guards, S.S., vicious dogs and gold and other treasure. It’s my opinion that almost all 3-D shooters that followed owe allegiance to this ground breaking game.

A version was released for the Super Nintendo that was quite watered down (the dogs were replaced with large rats!), and there were probably other versions that I never heard of out there, too. has a good article on Wolfenstein’s 16th birthday here.

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Wanna Know You” by Pepper

Mac-Head? Well, not yet…

15 02 2007

Hey all you people that probably don’t exist.

So, last Sunday I did something crazy: I went out and bought a Mac Mini computer.mac mini I’ve been considering purchasing a Mac since they switched over to the Intel platform (and they became capable of running Windows), but just hadn’t made the jump.

How do I like it? I love it. Now, I haven’t gone and dumped my PC for this little machine, nor am I planning to, but I have to say that this machine is a pleasure to work and play on. I like the operating system (OS X Tiger), and the inclusion of the iLife software package is a really nice touch. Also included is a copy of Quickbooks – maybe I’ll try balancing my bank accounts someday!

I think my ultimate goal with this machine will to be integrate it into my home entertainment system. The fact that it has DVI out makes it perfect for cannecting to my big screen tv. Why would I want to do this (you may or may not be asking yourself)? The Mac is great at playing all sorts of different media files, has good wireless network access and iTunes was made for it. It can also be used as a pretty good game system to. Though not as many as the Windows platform, there is a great selection of games for the Mac (Halo anyone?). Add emulation of arcade and classic console games to the mix and you have more than enough reasons to justify the purchase price ! 🙂 This is a Multi-Media power house (well, at least when compared to most commercially available network connected multimedia devices) in a case not much bigger that five cd cases laying flat on top of each other… That’s why!

I’ll keep you posted on this!

Windows Vista – A Brave New World?

6 02 2007

Windows Vista UltimateHello, my imaginary Web-People friends!

I haven’t written for quite a while, as I have been busy with work and other shiny things

VistaOn to what’s new: I purchased a brand-spanking-new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from my local OEM (OEM= Original Equipment Manufaturer) distributor and installed it. My verdict? I love it. Sure some of my hardware isn’t supported yet, as some hardware manufacturers haven’t caught up on their driver distributing, but It’s coming. I managed to trick Vista into using a driver for simmilar printer, and now mine works fine. I installed Vista on a separatehard drive from my Windows XP and have the choice as to which operating system I want to use when I start up the machine. For non techie/geeks, this is called dual booting, and is in my opinion the best way to go when installing Vista – at least until there is more support for more hardware.

For the average PC user, I would suggest buying a new PC designed especially for Windows Vista, as I believe that unless you are a geek, you probably will find the upgrade frustrating… If you’re like me and are comfortable being your own computer tech (and are running a fast machine with lots of ram and a modern video card), then go for it.