Merry Solstice/Christmas/Hanukah/Saturnalia – -Here’s 10 Great Classic Atari Commercials!

24 12 2013

Hope you all have a great Holiday season folks!!!!

Vorclaw – by John Lajoie

19 01 2009

I am posting this just because it makes me laugh.


Vorclaw – watch more funny videos

John Lajoie is a hilarious guy from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You can find a crap load of great stuff from him on the Funny or Die website or at his own site.

Sam’s Toy Box

30 05 2008

I found this site when I was clicking the very addictive Stumbleupon button on my  imagebrowser. It is a site that someone has put together of a lot of very cool toys that he has collected. I remember several of these toys and am very jealous of this collection! 🙂

I don’t know how long it took to amass this collection, but I have to thank him for sharing it with the Internet world.

There are a lot of very cool toys here, with pictures of each of them

See it here

Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Coffee Table!

10 05 2008

nestable Check out this article on Gizmodo, a very good tech blog,  about someone’s Nintendo Controller coffee table that they built. The darn thing works too!

You’ll find photos and video of the thing being used with an actual Nintendo playing Super Mario Brothers 3.


This is very cool!

Click here for the article

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A Tour Through My Madness (My Basement)

5 05 2008

Omnibot I forgot that I Had these pictures up on Picasa’s web site. It’s basically a tour through my basement from about a year and a half ago from the time of this posting.

You’ll see a lot of my systems that I have out, though there are a lot more in boxes under my stairs that I have to pull out some day. Also, the TV shown was sold a while ago to make way for a plasma, and a PS3 has been added to the mix, along with various other toys and old systems.

Click Here to go to the slideshow/album


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Funny Video: Game Developers – 1979

23 04 2008

1979 I found this while stumbling around from link to link: It’s a little comedy bit showing some game developers from what is supposed to be 1979. I laughed really hard when I saw it.

Here is the link

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Not Game Related… But I had to Post This!

17 04 2008

Hello-Vady I found this picture out there in the vast spaces of the Internet and had to post it. Definitely not Classic Gaming related, but I still thought it was horribly cool. I call this “Hello Vady”