My Trogdor Tattoo – In all it’s Majesty!!!

7 03 2007

Another thing I did in Edmonton was get a tatoo before the Wolfmother concert. My friend Clint who happens to be a good tattoo artist (see his portfolio at Raptor Tattoo – this will open in a new window) did the work. I dropped by Clint’s work to pick him up for the concert. I was a little early, and since he had no clients at the time, I decided to get a tattoo that Clint had suggested a while ago – Trogdor the Burninator. For those that are not familiar with Trogdor, I’ll briefly explain: Trogdor is a character from a hilarious web site called Homestar Runner. I am in no way affiliated with the creators of the Homestar Runner – I just think they create some of the funniest material on the “Net today. Click this LINK to find out more. A quick tattoo, Clint had it done with plenty of time for the show…

Wolfmother Live in Concert

6 03 2007

Hey all (if anyone is really there!)…

As per my previous post on the subject, I went up to Edmonton on February 25th, 2007 to see a Wolfmother concert with my good friend, Clint.

Well, The Wolfmother show has come and gone and I was blown away. I have seen anywhere from 40-50 concerts in my life (so far), and I have to say that this show ranks in the top 5. They rocked from beginning to end with an energy that was infectious.

The show was general admission, and with the help of a good friend, we made it to within about 15 feet of the stage and had a pretty good view of the show. Aside from some large screens that the show was projected on, the light show was very basic, but that did nothing to detract from what was coming going on on the stage… and that was some old school Rock N’ Roll of a type that seems so very rare now…

Anyway, they started their set off with the song, Dimension and never looked back. Partway through the show the lead singer commented on playing in the World’s Largest Mall, and that he had seen a flamingo for the first time, and that it just happened to be in said mall. Then he toasted to the flamingo and continued on in to some more rock. A power trio, these boys from Australia sound like they’ve been doing this kinda’ thing for 20+ years.

A great show. If I get the opportunity, I would definitely see them again.

Next stop: Black Sabbath!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know: they’re using the name Heaven and Hell…but that doesn’t fool anyone).