Battery Charging…

19 12 2006

Ok, I have a battery charging for my Focke-Wulf and my SkyFly… I am going to get in a little flying before work. I’ll let you all know how it turns out folks.


Spreading the Disease or: More on the R/C Flying Hobby

13 12 2006

I guess I can be Evil…or at least a little diabolical: I went and bought my good friend, Manfred an R/C plane like mine as an early birthday gift. You see, I know that my friend will get hooked and therefore drag me out flying with him on days when I might be tempted just to sit on the couch and waste the day (or several hours of it) watching television. To hedge my bets, I then went and got another friend, Dean, a plane too (this one a Hobbico Red Hawk which is apparently a very good trainer along the lines of my own Sky Fly plane).

I’m pretty much a Noob (does a Noob deserve the capital “N”?) at the amazing hobby/sport of remote control flying, but I have to say I was addicted to the idea of r/c flight for years. Now that I have realized that it is no longer prohibitively expensive, I am in like Flynn. I bought a Hobby Zone Sky Fly (an inexpensive, but rather responsive trainer plane) and I have become rather proficient at handling her. I’ve replaced the main wing twice and the tail section 3 times…but I haven’t crashed or boke anything for more than ten long flying sessions of over 40 minutes each (thee battery packs that last for 12 -15 minutes each, and I charge the first one depleted with my car while flying the last two). That’s 400 plus minutes in the air without any serious incidents. I’ve even managed to get the Sky Fly to perform loops. I just get her up pretty high, send her into a dive at full throttle and pull up and over. Doesn’t always work, but I get all giddy when it does!
Shortly after purchasing my Sky Fly, I bought a more advanced aircraft: a Focke-Wulf 190 RTF from ParkZone.Parkzone FW-190 I refrained from even assembling it, as I knew that I would probably just end up destroying her through total lack of skill. I now have the beauty assembled and in the back of my car, ready to go. All I’m now waiting for is a day without really strong winds and a little personal time.

Now, when I start getting into something that I really like, I REALLY get into it. I haven’t even flown this FW-190 yet, and I went and purchased another plane – this one a Spitfire – off of Ebay. This is a nice foamy body with a cheapo Chinese radio set. At only $100 U.S. I decided to just go for it. Replacement parts are plentiful and I really want to start flying something more advanced than the Sky Fly (which really is fun to fly in it’s own right).GWS Spitfire

I will post with pictures and a write up on the probable carnage to come…

Until next time;