Had An Awesome Time Hangin’ With My Retro Collector Friends From Colexions.com

7 04 2014

My buddy and fellow Retro Gaming fanatic Corey Buckner has put together a great community of fellow minded collectors over at colexions.com. Well, not only has he put together a great site to show off your own collection and geek out over fellow collectors treasures, he also hosts a monthly “Show And Tell” on Google Hangouts. What it is is a group of us collectors having a great time, showing off our stuff and talking about retro gaming and what ever else might come to mind. This was the third monthly get together and boy did we get to see some amazing stuff. We represented five different countries and three different continents but the distances just made the conversation better. It’s really cool to be able to meet like this. We had Corey Buckner (of course) from just outside Chicago and indie game developer Gary Brafford in West Virginia and lifespiller79 from…um sorry man, Texas (I think), all three in the U.S. of A,  We had Gabo representing Argentina, Mark in the U.K, Paul in Australia and little ol’ me up here in Canada. Everyone pulled out all the stops and showed some real stunners from our collections. Checkout last Saturday’s get together below:

Disposable Hero for Commodore CD32

13 05 2013

Just a little video I made of me playing the Commodore CD32 game, Disposable Hero.

Seems like a colourful shoot ‘em up. I suck at at so this is a short video – hope you enjoy it anyway.

TurboGrafx 16 Commercial

29 09 2012

Hey folks, how are you all doing? [Insert cricket noises here]

I was poking around on Youtube seeing if Steve Benway* had uploaded anything today when I noticed that one of the suggested videos for me was a commercial for the old TurboGrafx console. A great machine that I think never got the respect that it deserved here in North America, it was wildly popular in Japan where it was known as the PC Engine. I remember seeing the commercials and lusting after the system! Check out that commercial here:

* If you don’t know who Steve Benway is and you come to this site, then you should go check out his Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/SteveBenway where he has uploaded, and continues to upload hundreds of classic video game gameplay video (so hard to say). He’s the best!