Black Sabbath ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

22 03 2007

Tony Iommi - Guitar GodMarch 13, 2007 at the Rexall Place in Edmonton was like a day lost in time: It could easily been a late Winter day in 1981 or so… and that was a GOOD thing.

That was the day (well night really) of the the Heaven and Hell concert (read that as Black Sabbath show). The show was simply fantastic. Although it’s been 25 (or so ) years since this version of Black Sabbath first got together, after the firing/quitting of Ozzy Osbourne, they still knew how to blow the roof off a place.

Ronnie James Dio, vocalist extraordinaire, still has an amazing set of pipes, despite being in his mid 60s. Sure, he doesn’t quite have the range that he used to, but he managed to change up his singing so as to not end up cracking or dropping any of the lyrics. Tony Iommy, well he seems to be getting better with age ( as good guitarist seem to do). His riffs were tasty as they always are and the solos cut through tio my soul. Geezer Butler was as solid as he always is. That man could knock down the walls of Jericho with that bass of his. Vinnie Appice, the veteran drummer still has what it takes. Rock solid beats and a fantasic solo… These guys show that getting old doesn’t have to mean getting boring.

The set was energetic and classic. Opening with the erie instrumental, E5150, and sliding into After All (the Dead), the band led the audience through a classic Metal adventure that few will forget (until the onset of Alzheimer’s, that is – hey, there were a lot of older guys there 😉 ) . It was a long set of about twenty songs, including the three new songs that they recorded for the anthology, The Dio Years. It’s hard to pick highlights from a show that rocked through and through, but if forced, I would have to say that Sign of the Southern Cross, Children of the Sea, Voodoo, Heaven and Hell (of course!), and Neon Nights stood out as especially great moments… but if you asked me ten minutes from now that list might change – it was that good.

Opening band Megadeth has been doing this thing since the 80’s, and although I have never been a fan of them, they did perform a professional, tight show that was nearly flawless.

Man… I loved this show!

Wolfmother Live in Concert

6 03 2007

Hey all (if anyone is really there!)…

As per my previous post on the subject, I went up to Edmonton on February 25th, 2007 to see a Wolfmother concert with my good friend, Clint.

Well, The Wolfmother show has come and gone and I was blown away. I have seen anywhere from 40-50 concerts in my life (so far), and I have to say that this show ranks in the top 5. They rocked from beginning to end with an energy that was infectious.

The show was general admission, and with the help of a good friend, we made it to within about 15 feet of the stage and had a pretty good view of the show. Aside from some large screens that the show was projected on, the light show was very basic, but that did nothing to detract from what was coming going on on the stage… and that was some old school Rock N’ Roll of a type that seems so very rare now…

Anyway, they started their set off with the song, Dimension and never looked back. Partway through the show the lead singer commented on playing in the World’s Largest Mall, and that he had seen a flamingo for the first time, and that it just happened to be in said mall. Then he toasted to the flamingo and continued on in to some more rock. A power trio, these boys from Australia sound like they’ve been doing this kinda’ thing for 20+ years.

A great show. If I get the opportunity, I would definitely see them again.

Next stop: Black Sabbath!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know: they’re using the name Heaven and Hell…but that doesn’t fool anyone).

Two Potentially Awesome Concerts in My Near Future

9 02 2007

Hello all (anyone?)…

Well, I thought I would take the time to brag about two exciting (to me, at least) concerts I’ll be attending in the near future.

Wolfmother Album coverThe first one takes place February 25th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is Wolfmother. This band just rocks. Apparently they are a bunch of young guys out of Australia that sounds like they time travelled from 1972 (or so) to rock our modern world. They have a huge retro hard rock sound that I freakin’ love. If these guys are even half as good live as they are on cd, then this will be a great show. The venue they are playing is called Reds. Reds is a large bar/enertainment center. I’ve never watched a band there, but I know others that have and they say it’s not a bad place to see live music.

Heaven and HellThe next show is thew real big one: Black Sabbath (touring under the moniker, Heaven and Hell), March 13th at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have been a big Black Sabbath fan for a long time, and this incarnation of Black Sabbath is my personal favourite. This is Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath. For those that are not familliar, I will fill you in. When Ozzy Osbourne left/was kicked out of Black Sabbath in 1979/80, Ronnie James Dio was asked to step up to the mic and take over the spot of lead vocalist of the worlds Greatest Heavy Metal Band (my opinion, but hey, it’s my Blog). They released The two excellent studio albums, Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules, along with the live album Live Evil (Black Sabbath’s first “official” live album), before Dio parted company with the band. Several years later this incarnation of Black Sabbath reunited and released the album Dehumanizer. A song from this album, TV Crimes, made it’s way onto the Wayne’s Word 2 soundtrack. Part way through the tour for Dehumanizer, Ronnie James Dio left the band.

Any way, those are the shows. I will post reviews of them after the fact. Keep watching!