Hilarious Video: Pixels

9 04 2010

So, the Evil Aliens and various Nemeses from our collective 80’s Arcade Video Game past have returned with a vengeance in this amazing video clip I (or someone else who then sent it to me), found on Youtube last night. The creators of the video did a great job mixing in the pixelated attackers with the razor sharp images of real life.

Hope you enjoy it!


Old, Sega Classic Arcade Games

3 04 2010

old sega logo-thumb Just stumbled upon a post at Pink Gorilla’s Import and Retro Gaming Blog on some od Sega’s earliest arcade games. These are some very early and rare systems, most of which are electro-mechanical games, and not the solid state videogame systems that most gamers remember.

Some very cool looking systems are here (I really want to try that boxing game), and I find it especially funny that one of their first games was Duck Hunt, which is also the name of a game that Nintendo had big success  with on their Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System.


Check out the post HERE


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