Classic Sega Saturn Videos

13 03 2010

Went off on a tangent a short while ago and started searching Google and Bing for Sega Saturn commercials and game play videos. I found a boat load of them too!

Despite being a powerful and innovative game console, the Saturn lost the 32 bit Console War to the Sony PlayStation (and to a lesser extent, the Nintendo 64, though not truly a 32 bit system). The ground breaking dual processor Sega Saturn proved to be difficult to be difficult to write for, and many programmers wrote that only used a single processor, and did not take advantage of the second processor at all. This was truly a shame, as when the Saturn is used to it’s full potential, the results were amazing (for the time).

Anyway, here are some of the videos I found.

Commercial: Theatre of the Eye

Sega Saturn Promotional Video

Commercial: Saturn Vs. PlayStation: Nights

Game play video: Fifa 97

Game play video: Nights

Game play video: Virtual Open Tennis

Game play video: Alien Trilogy

Game play video: Radiant Silvergun

Review video: Fire Pro Gaiden (aka Fire Pro Wrestling)



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