Zombies Ate My Neighbours

20 02 2010

Here is some game play video from the great Super Nintendo game, Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

Check it out, as it was/is a really fun game.

While posting this, I was listening to Box Of Frogs – Box Of Frogs/Strange Land – Back Where I Started


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Commodore 128 Unboxing

17 02 2010

It must be a Commodore kinda’ couple of days…

Here is a video of a young lady who has found an unopened Commodore 128 (successor to the Commodore 64) and disk drive in her garage. She does an unboxing showing the two units.

While posting this, I was listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Déjà Vu – 4 + 20

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Old Commercial: Commodore Takes a Bite Out of Apple

16 02 2010

Found this commercial on Youtube. It is Commodore taking a shot directly at Apple computers circa 1982. That would be the Commodore 64 being compared the the very influential successful Apple II line of computers. I thought it was quite clever.


While posting this, I was listening to ZZ Top – Greatest Hits – My Head’s In Mississippi

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Play Classic Commodore 64 Games, Free, On-Line, Now…

16 02 2010

Commodore64_350px Countless numbers of gamers, geeks and nerds got their introduction to computers when they (or their parents) purchased a Commodore 64 computer (C64) for the home. The C64 took the home computing world by storm. Directly competing with computers from Apple, Atari and Sinclair (and many more), the C64 rocketed to the top in sales, and stayed there for a ridiculously long time. Needless to say (yet here I am saying it), there were a HUGE number of great games produced for this platform, and now you can play some of the best right now, on your computer.

ac64s.com is an excellent site to play great Commodore 64 games online. There’s no download, as you play them right in your web browser. Just follow the simple onscreen instructions and you are set. Choose from what the site owner considers the 10 greatest C64 games.

Here are the titles:


Giana Sisters (this game was often called “Super Mario Brothers” on the countless pirated floppy discs that floated around during those days)

Bubble Bobble


Ghost ‘n Goblins


Bruce Lee

Blue Max



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Play Space Invaders…NOW!

15 02 2010


Hey folks, how are ya’ all? Sorry for not posting anything lately… No excuses (other than lazy), just Sorry.

Anyway… I just stumbled onto an English Space Invaders website from Germany (.de), and lo’ and behold there is Space Invaders, right there, waiting to be played… Right there stickin’ in my face… Just like the arcade game that rocked the World back in the day, Space Invaders.

Play it here:


I was listening to Sheavy – Republic? – A Phone Booth In The Middle Of Nowhere while posting this.

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