Atari Commercial

26 07 2009

Here is a commercial for Atari staring Alan Alda


The History of Atari

26 07 2009

atari_logo Found this good article on the history of Atari. Twenty comprehensive pages, this is a good look at the beginnings and development of the company that made video games a house hold term.

TCMR-V22-P18 Not the first company to create video games, they were the ones to popularize them.So much so that many people forget that Magnavox came out with Ralph Baer’s creation, the Odyssey a couple of years before Atari was even a company.

Is you’re reading this blog, then you are probably going to like this article.

Here it is:

And while I am at it: An Atari Home Computer Store Setup

23 07 2009

Just a picture I found while careening around the web:












The First Commercial for Zelda on the NES (Original Nintendo)

23 07 2009

Well, I have never been a Zelda fan, but I know damned well that a lot of you folks are.

Here is the original Zelda commercial,