Gears of War 2 – Finished!!!

23 12 2008

Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap!!!

I can’t believe it but I did it…

Well, it’s only been twenty or so years but I have finally finished a game.

Wow, what a game it is, too.

I freakin’ loved this game. Every single bit of blood, debris, dust and gore… I Loved this game.  When I was at work, I wanted to get back to it. gears_of_war_2When I needed to get back to sleep, I played “just a little more.”  This game rocked.

Gears of War 2 (GoW2) was a great romp filled with plenty of blood and destruction. There’s even a story there that has made me want to put in Gears of War (the first one) and get the background. Heck, I have already restarted GoW2 in order to find all the collectibles that I missed. For me this is nuts: I’m Mr. Attention Deficit Disorder Gamer. I want more of this game. I am also going to try it on all the harder levels. This game pretty much had it all for me. This was waaaaay more fun than a good movie. The ending  was a little underwhelming – not bad, mind you, just not “OH MY GO…”x360-gears-of-war-2-500

This week plus period of gaming has been a real rush, and now that I have completed GoW2, I itching to complete some more games. Something tells me the next game ending will be coming much sooner than the last!

Now the big decision is just what game it will be. The Halo Trilogy? Grand Theft Auto 4? Who knows?

Gears of War 2 – Almost Finished!!!

21 12 2008

Gears of War 2 is by not a “Classic” video game, but it is the game that is consuming me at the moment, so I am going to write about it here…   Gow2

Released back on November 7, 2008, I know that any true gamer would have it beat it a while ago, but I am here to brag that I am just about at the end of Gears of War 2 for the X360.

Those who know me understand what a feat this is: I NEVER finish games. Oh, I play a lot of games. I’m willing to wager that I play way more games than the average gamer. I just never finish them.

I am going to finish Gears of War 2.

I can taste it.

This game has me hooked the way a good book can pull you in. Those of you who read… well you know what I mean. I believe that I am about three quarters of the way through the game. I am progressing at a pretty constant rate and am starting to get hooked on the Xbox Live Achievements .

This is one hell of a game.

I am playing it on a medium level and I am finding it pretty tough. I have cursed loudly more than once at my television over the last week.

I’ll write more once I am done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill the Locust Queen.

music note While writing this, I was listening to "Radioactive" by The Firm

Ten Damn Good Years: Retro Gaming Radio R.I.P.

8 12 2008

rgr Very recently, Shane R. Munroe, the voice and creator of Retro Gaming Radio (RGR), announced that he was ending the ‘Net radio show’s run after ten years.

I can honestly say that I have listened/watched (the first episodes had video) every episode over the years. I looked forward to each (semi) monthly episode. These shows were filled with retro goodness: look backs at classic games and systems, interviews with the people that created the video gaming universe as we knew it and much more.

RGR was the inspiration for me creating my own classic gaming podcast (which I have so far failed at). Perhaps it’s demise will spur me on to get that project up and running again…