New Addition(s) to My Collection

21 10 2008
Frogger New (left), old (right)

Frogger new (left), old (right)

Picked up a Frogger mini cab (from Coleco) at a recent collectors fair up in Edmonton ($45.00) and also found a new version at a local Source (formerly Radio Shack) for $9.99. I’m pretty sure that $45 is the most I’ve ever spent on any piece of classic gaming history with the exception of my Vectrex.

As far as I know, I just need Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong Jr. (which I have never seen in person), and a (working) Zaxxon to complete my collection of the Coleco mini cabs.

The new Frogger needs an external light source (a bright room will do fine), and reflects the simple game image onto a mirror (making it difficult to get a good picure of the display), while the classic Coleco cab sports a bright, brash vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). Game play on both is pretty good, as Frogger is basically a simple game.



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