Second Edition of the Podcast is in Production

9 07 2008

First thing: Thank you for all the positive feedback on the premier episode of Yesterdaze Arcade, the Podcast, as it is greatly appreciated. 5400+ downloads of the podcast in less than three weeks is waaaaaay more than I even dreamed of.

Now, the second edition is just starting production. I’m hoping to complete it much sooner than the last one took to complete. aviators

I am going to add an 80’s movie review to the line up, and it sounds like Myles will be returning with another segment which we are thinking of calling “Through Rose Coloured Aviators”

I am also very open to submissions from others. If you want to contribute something, or have a suggestion as to what to add or take out of the podcast, please feel free to contact me at . If you have something recorded, then please feel free to upload it HERE (password, if prompted for one is scooter1 ).




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20 08 2008
Podcasting Directory

I wholeheartedly 100% agree. I could not have said it any better

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