Robokill – Rock Solid Arcade

16 06 2008


I was stumbling around the ‘Net again just now when I found this game. It’s a cool shooter done in flash that reminds me in a little of cross between the Williams classic arcade game Robotron and Expendable in the Dreamcast. Playing right in your browser, the controls are very easy: a combination of keyboard to move and mouse to aim and shoot. Any casual gamer will have used these controls before on countless other shooters and those new to gaming would probably pick up quite easily.

Give Robokill a play HERE

Robokill – Rock Solid Arcade

music note While writing this, I was listening to “I’m All Right(live)” by The Rolling Stones



6 responses

23 08 2008

How the hell do you use the medkits ????

23 11 2008

Here’s how you use medkits:
Hit “I” for inventory and drag medkit into one of the lower slots below your bot.
When you hit the shield threshold it will auto-heal and the medkit will disappear (get used).

2 07 2010

what do you mean by threshold

22 04 2009
They shouldve called it robokickass « WastingTimeWithMikeAndAri

[…] At RockSolidArcade via yesterdaze. […]

28 08 2009

How do you use the sheild Chargers? i know how to equip stuff but i cant seem to get it to activate or to do anything

2 07 2010

how do i use the shield charger

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