Wow…That’s a lot of stuff!

14 05 2008

Check out this guy’s Sega Genesis/Megadrive collection, all connected at the same time! It really is a lot of stuff

sega genesis sega cd game genie all accesories video game


What are Doing Reading this? You should be playing Mario Kart Wii!

13 05 2008

  MKWiiBoxart Ok, let’s start this off: If you have a Nintendo Wii, you should have this game. If you don’t have a Wii, you should buy one so you can play this game.

Although I have never been a giant, crazy Nintendo fan-boy, there have always been certain Nintendo franchises that I have really liked and the Mario Kart series is one of them. Not a  realistic racer by any means, Mario Kart always managed to deliver cartoony racing fun that was easy enough for a rookie gamer to get into, and challenging enough to keep  seasoned gamers coming back on any system it was played on.

Well, I m glad to say that Mario Kart for the Wii does not disappoint. A seemingly endless choice of tracks old and new and threes classes of vehicles then even more choices from there. Driving through the glowy surprise boxes makes things more interesting providing you (and your opponents) various power ups and weapons that you pick up as you race around the tracks including mushrooms that give you speed boosts, bananas that make you and your opponents spin out to a flying squid that squirts out ink that blocks your vision temporarily. All that would make this game great. But Mario Kart for the Wii has something else: Amazingly good controls.

Mario Kart comes with a plastic steering wheel that you fit the Wii-mote into. The Wii’s built in motion sensors work flawlessly as you steer with this plastic steering wheel in mid-air. I cannot stress how well I think this works. These are probably the the best controls I have ever experienced in a racing game.

Unbelievably fun, all this makes a definite game of the year contender in my books.

Upgraded My MAME Cabinet

12 05 2008

cab Hello folks!

So, I spent a few bucks this weekend and upgraded my arcade cabinet’s guts. Previously, it was running an AMD Sempron 2500+ with 768 megs of ram. I purchased a new motherboard (EVGA), dropped in a Intel Core2Duo processor (I had it left over from my last upgrade to my desktop pc), 2 gigs of DDR 2 ram and a new power supply. This machine flies now (for a MAME cabinet, that is).

I stuck with the motherboard’s onboard NVIDIA graphics, as arcade emulation doesn’t require any real 3-D rendering. I am now thinking that I might upgrade the video, too as I may decide to put some more modern games on the system if I can make them mesh with the arcade controls. I also went with the onboard audio, and I have no regrets with that, as it seems to work well. I am using a 2.1 audio setup (two speakers plus a sub-woofer) at the moment, but am considering ways of doing a 4.1 or 5.1 setup in the arcade machine. It would require a redesign of the control panel, but that was something I was already planning anyway.

I was planning on dropping in a 19 inch Samsung flat panel monitor in place of the 19 inch Samsung Sync Master CRT monitor that is in there right now, but that will have to wait, as that will actually take some wood work that I was not prepared to do this weekend. I know a lot of people prefer the CRT for MAME cabinet use, but the Sync Master is fading (focus is way off), and this flat panel is very bright and crisp…and sitting right here.

I then installed Windows XP Media Center (and all updates), along with re-installing Mamewah, the arcade cabinet friendly frontend for the Mame emulator. It also works very well with other command line emulators, though it can be frustrating to setup, initially.

Another change I want to make is to completely redo the artwork for the bezel – Heck, I want to redo the whole bezel it self, as I am using black foam-core with pasted on graphics. Kind of tacky, and it is starting to take a beating from my removing the plexi-glass to get at the monitor controls.

I have to say that I am wrestling with the possibility of just buying a cocktail cabinet and putting everything in there and ditching the upright machine, but I haven’t decided if I really want to do all that work…


-If you are interested, you can read an earlier post about my MAME cabinet here.

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Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Coffee Table!

10 05 2008

nestable Check out this article on Gizmodo, a very good tech blog,  about someone’s Nintendo Controller coffee table that they built. The darn thing works too!

You’ll find photos and video of the thing being used with an actual Nintendo playing Super Mario Brothers 3.


This is very cool!

Click here for the article

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Grand Theft Auto IV: A Guilty Pleasure

7 05 2008

GTA4 I know this isn’t a “classic” video game, but hey, this is my Blog 🙂

So, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4) for a number of days now and I must say that I am impressed: I rarely play a game for more than twenty to forty minutes tops, and here I am, several hours into a game and not tired of it yet. This is a good thing!

I waffled between buying the XBOX 360 (360) or the Playstation 3 (PS3) version for a while, but settled on the PS3 when I took into account the fact that aside from Resistance: Fall of Man, there really was no game that I was playing on the system. I may have chosen wrong, as I read that there is quite a bit of extra content on the 360 version that isn’t available for the PS3. Even so, I love this game so far.

Not for the young, as it is a mature game, with mature situations, scenes and language and peppered with hookers and hoods galore. Also, not for faint of heart (or spirit),  GTA4 is a brutal affair where you play the role of a Russian immigrant making your way through the ranks of the mob. Through various missions, you gain respect and position, all the while honing your skills. Hell, I found myself bowling with an on-screen girlfriend in the first hour or so of firing it up for the first time! I doubt I will be getting bored with this game very soon. Unlike most games, I am left wondering what’s next – very few games do that to me.

This is a game with depth. I have barely scratched the surface of this game, and I am more than willing to dive right in time constraints like work and sleep are getting in the way of this, though! 😛

If you are old enough to buy it, and not easily offended (and have a PS3 or 360), you should get this game.

Here is one of the trailers for the game:

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A Tour Through My Madness (My Basement)

5 05 2008

Omnibot I forgot that I Had these pictures up on Picasa’s web site. It’s basically a tour through my basement from about a year and a half ago from the time of this posting.

You’ll see a lot of my systems that I have out, though there are a lot more in boxes under my stairs that I have to pull out some day. Also, the TV shown was sold a while ago to make way for a plasma, and a PS3 has been added to the mix, along with various other toys and old systems.

Click Here to go to the slideshow/album


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Wolfenstein 3-D – 16 Years Old Today (may 5th, 2008)

5 05 2008


Wolfenstein 3-D is old enough to drive today!!!

Wow, that 16 years passed quickly! Released on May 5th, 1992, Wolfenstein 3-D showed just what a PC could do, gaming wise. Available in the shareware bin at my local department stores for years, this was the first game that I bought the full version of after playing the demo.

Wolfenstein brought a (simulated) three dimensional play field to life. You were a U.S. Commando by the name of BJ Blazkowicz and it was your job to escape a Nazi prison while ridding the place of guards, S.S., vicious dogs and gold and other treasure. It’s my opinion that almost all 3-D shooters that followed owe allegiance to this ground breaking game.

A version was released for the Super Nintendo that was quite watered down (the dogs were replaced with large rats!), and there were probably other versions that I never heard of out there, too. has a good article on Wolfenstein’s 16th birthday here.

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