Starcade – 80’s Video Game Show

20 05 2008

  Some people just understand the ‘Net. I mean, some people really get it. The hosts of are examples of people who get it.

Starcade was a television game show where two teams consisting a kid and a parent compete against each other. There is a combination of trivia questions about video games and game play contests where theimage players each play a certain video game for a set amount of time (50 seconds, I believe), and the winner being the one with the higher score after said time. Along with minor prizes along the way like skateboards, radios and other gizmos, the over all winner goes home with their very own arcade game. The show ran from 1982 – 1984 with two hosts along the way. Obviously not a huge hit, as it came near the big video game crash it nonetheless had a core following of avid fans. starcadeIt was pretty cheezy stuff, but I know I liked it.

Now, the reason I say The people at get it, is that they seem to understanding that keeping old media stored away where no one can enjoy it does no one any good. They have made 15 complete episodes of the show available on their site. There are also clips of what I believe are all the video games featured on the show available on the site. If more content owners did things like this, mabe a lot more of our past wouldn’t fade into nothingness.

The site itself is very gaudy, but the 80s were gaudy too so it make sense. Poke around a bit and there is lots to find. So, why not take a step back in time and watch an starcade2episode or two!

Check it out folks!






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