Video of Classic Video Games Recreated with Everyday Stuff

30 05 2008

Ok, now while this person (or people) may have way too much time on their hands, thisimage  is very well done. They have recreated several classic video games using everyday objects. Included are Centipede, Frogger, Space Invaders and Pacman.

Very clever and very fun, I think this is prett well genius!


Watch it here

Sam’s Toy Box

30 05 2008

I found this site when I was clicking the very addictive Stumbleupon button on my  imagebrowser. It is a site that someone has put together of a lot of very cool toys that he has collected. I remember several of these toys and am very jealous of this collection! 🙂

I don’t know how long it took to amass this collection, but I have to thank him for sharing it with the Internet world.

There are a lot of very cool toys here, with pictures of each of them

See it here

Retro Remakes of Classic Video Games

28 05 2008

I stumbled upon the Neave Games website this afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised  imagewhat I found there: fantastic remakes of a few classic arcade  games that you play right in your browser. There was Asteroids, Space Invaders, Frogger, Snake and a Tetris clone. These are very true to the originals and play absolutely great. I really liked them and hope you do, also.


Pac-Man Movie in the Works. Or, How they Finally put the Final Nail in Pac-Man’s Coffin

23 05 2008

I don’t know how accurate this is, but I just read about a Pac-Man movie being in the  imageworks.

Now, if it was so difficult to develop a good sequel to the game (aside from Miss Pac-Man of course, as that game rocked and Pac-Man CE for XBOX Live Arcade, which also rocks), how can we expect them to get a movie right?

Come to think of it, hasn’t most video game to movie translations sucked badly? Look at Alone in the Dark (Uwe Boll, you should not be allowed to make any more movies after that piece of… well it just sucked). Street Fighter? I thought it was terrible… And don’t get me started about Mario Brothers!!!

Anyway, you can read about the Pac-Man movie here.

Every Mortal Kombat Fatality

21 05 2008

Like the title says, someone has put together every Mortal Kombat fatality in to a six minute video.

Not for those who can’t stomach pixelated unrealistic video game death and gore.

Starcade – 80’s Video Game Show

20 05 2008

  Some people just understand the ‘Net. I mean, some people really get it. The hosts of are examples of people who get it.

Starcade was a television game show where two teams consisting a kid and a parent compete against each other. There is a combination of trivia questions about video games and game play contests where theimage players each play a certain video game for a set amount of time (50 seconds, I believe), and the winner being the one with the higher score after said time. Along with minor prizes along the way like skateboards, radios and other gizmos, the over all winner goes home with their very own arcade game. The show ran from 1982 – 1984 with two hosts along the way. Obviously not a huge hit, as it came near the big video game crash it nonetheless had a core following of avid fans. starcadeIt was pretty cheezy stuff, but I know I liked it.

Now, the reason I say The people at get it, is that they seem to understanding that keeping old media stored away where no one can enjoy it does no one any good. They have made 15 complete episodes of the show available on their site. There are also clips of what I believe are all the video games featured on the show available on the site. If more content owners did things like this, mabe a lot more of our past wouldn’t fade into nothingness.

The site itself is very gaudy, but the 80s were gaudy too so it make sense. Poke around a bit and there is lots to find. So, why not take a step back in time and watch an starcade2episode or two!

Check it out folks!




New Acquisition: A Boxed TI-99/4A

17 05 2008

DSCF1658 At the business I work for, they have an electronics recycling program for the public. For the most part, we receive old boat anchor PCs, televisions and fax machines, but once in a while someone brings in a classic gem. Yesterday was one of those times.

I saw a lady enter the store with a box for a Texas Instrument TI-99/4A computer. She was heading towards the recycling dump when I approached her and asked if she minded if I took it instead. She laughed, handed it to me and said “Have fun, it’s all yours!” I thanked her and brought the box to the lunch room. I opened it up to find a treasure trove that I had only dreamed to find. The box, in great shape, hels the original computer, a cassette deck (for storing programs) the voice module (very cool at the time), several games and other programs and all the original manuals, cables, cords and power supply… Freakin’ Sweet, I tell ya’!!!

DSCF1659 Now, I never had a TI-99 when I was a kid, but a good friend of mine did (Robb, I’m talking about you!), and I was always impressed by what this machine could do. At the time, I had a Commodore VIC-20, and I managed to squeeze a surprising amount out of it, but it always paled in contrast to what the TI-99 could do. The TI-99 had 16 megabytes of RAM, while my little VIC-20 had 5 MEgabytes of RAM…3.4 available after basic. Not much at all. The one big thing the VIC-20 had going for it was a very low price tag: $99 when my parents relented and bought me one – even though I had wanted an Atari 800!DSCF1660

I’ve posted few pictures of my un-boxing of the TI-99 at home. I plan on posting some videos of it in action soon.

Enjoy, folks!





















music note While writing this, I was listening to “Far Side of Crazy” by Wall of Voodoo

Wow…That’s a lot of stuff!

14 05 2008

Check out this guy’s Sega Genesis/Megadrive collection, all connected at the same time! It really is a lot of stuff

sega genesis sega cd game genie all accesories video game

What are Doing Reading this? You should be playing Mario Kart Wii!

13 05 2008

  MKWiiBoxart Ok, let’s start this off: If you have a Nintendo Wii, you should have this game. If you don’t have a Wii, you should buy one so you can play this game.

Although I have never been a giant, crazy Nintendo fan-boy, there have always been certain Nintendo franchises that I have really liked and the Mario Kart series is one of them. Not a  realistic racer by any means, Mario Kart always managed to deliver cartoony racing fun that was easy enough for a rookie gamer to get into, and challenging enough to keep  seasoned gamers coming back on any system it was played on.

Well, I m glad to say that Mario Kart for the Wii does not disappoint. A seemingly endless choice of tracks old and new and threes classes of vehicles then even more choices from there. Driving through the glowy surprise boxes makes things more interesting providing you (and your opponents) various power ups and weapons that you pick up as you race around the tracks including mushrooms that give you speed boosts, bananas that make you and your opponents spin out to a flying squid that squirts out ink that blocks your vision temporarily. All that would make this game great. But Mario Kart for the Wii has something else: Amazingly good controls.

Mario Kart comes with a plastic steering wheel that you fit the Wii-mote into. The Wii’s built in motion sensors work flawlessly as you steer with this plastic steering wheel in mid-air. I cannot stress how well I think this works. These are probably the the best controls I have ever experienced in a racing game.

Unbelievably fun, all this makes a definite game of the year contender in my books.

Upgraded My MAME Cabinet

12 05 2008

cab Hello folks!

So, I spent a few bucks this weekend and upgraded my arcade cabinet’s guts. Previously, it was running an AMD Sempron 2500+ with 768 megs of ram. I purchased a new motherboard (EVGA), dropped in a Intel Core2Duo processor (I had it left over from my last upgrade to my desktop pc), 2 gigs of DDR 2 ram and a new power supply. This machine flies now (for a MAME cabinet, that is).

I stuck with the motherboard’s onboard NVIDIA graphics, as arcade emulation doesn’t require any real 3-D rendering. I am now thinking that I might upgrade the video, too as I may decide to put some more modern games on the system if I can make them mesh with the arcade controls. I also went with the onboard audio, and I have no regrets with that, as it seems to work well. I am using a 2.1 audio setup (two speakers plus a sub-woofer) at the moment, but am considering ways of doing a 4.1 or 5.1 setup in the arcade machine. It would require a redesign of the control panel, but that was something I was already planning anyway.

I was planning on dropping in a 19 inch Samsung flat panel monitor in place of the 19 inch Samsung Sync Master CRT monitor that is in there right now, but that will have to wait, as that will actually take some wood work that I was not prepared to do this weekend. I know a lot of people prefer the CRT for MAME cabinet use, but the Sync Master is fading (focus is way off), and this flat panel is very bright and crisp…and sitting right here.

I then installed Windows XP Media Center (and all updates), along with re-installing Mamewah, the arcade cabinet friendly frontend for the Mame emulator. It also works very well with other command line emulators, though it can be frustrating to setup, initially.

Another change I want to make is to completely redo the artwork for the bezel – Heck, I want to redo the whole bezel it self, as I am using black foam-core with pasted on graphics. Kind of tacky, and it is starting to take a beating from my removing the plexi-glass to get at the monitor controls.

I have to say that I am wrestling with the possibility of just buying a cocktail cabinet and putting everything in there and ditching the upright machine, but I haven’t decided if I really want to do all that work…


-If you are interested, you can read an earlier post about my MAME cabinet here.

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Most Precarious” by Blues Traveler