Funny Video: Game Developers – 1979

23 04 2008

1979 I found this while stumbling around from link to link: It’s a little comedy bit showing some game developers from what is supposed to be 1979. I laughed really hard when I saw it.

Here is the link

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Great Article: The 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Old-School Video Game

22 04 2008

Here is a great article from on the most irritatingly impossible classic video games. It’s a good read.

Check it out here

A REAL Classic Computer

19 04 2008

difference-engine The London Science Museum has completed work on Babbage’s Difference Engine No. 2, 120 years after the death of it’s inventor, Charles Babbage. This Victorian mechanical computer was never completed during it’s designer’s lifetime due to many factors including cost, manufacturing difficulties and the fact that Charles Babbage had a bad attitude that tended to piss off investors.

My question is: Does it play Quake?

Read Babbage and his Analytical and Difference Engines here

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Not Game Related… But I had to Post This!

17 04 2008

Hello-Vady I found this picture out there in the vast spaces of the Internet and had to post it. Definitely not Classic Gaming related, but I still thought it was horribly cool. I call this “Hello Vady”

Look What Some Lucky Japanese Wii Fans Just Got…

16 04 2008

wiisnes Nintendo released a Super Famicon (Super Nintendo or SNES to a lot of us) classic controller for use with classic games bought from the Wii store. Apparently a limited edition Club Nintendo Japan exclusive, you can bet these suckers will go for a lot of money when one or two pop up on eBay.

I think this is very cool, and if Nintendo doesn’t see fit to market this widely (or at all), then I hope a third party manufacturer decides to sell something very similar to it here in North America soon.

Mad Cats, are you listening?

Like Pinball? Have a Nintendo Wii? Read on…

15 04 2008

Pinballhof While listening to the latest edition of Retro Gaming Radio, I heard a review of a new Wii game, Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. The review was very positive and sent me out looking for the game. It took quite a lot of digging to find a copy. Hell, at one point a guy at EB Games told me the game wasn’t available on the Wii. Finaly, though I found a copy at Best Buy for freakin’ $19.99. I like when I find games I want, cheaply 🙂

Anyway, the wait was definitely worth it. If you like Pinball, then you should buy this package. The game play is very good, as is the presentation, despite the opening video being of such low quality as to be almost painful to watch. The setting is an arcade, that you wander from pinball machine to pinball machine. place is filled with the sound of various video games from the 80s and populated with and generic unplayable arcade cabinets for ambience. One thing that gets me is the fact that the arcades I remember were always kinda’ dark. I don’t remember them being bright and colourful like this fictional arcade. Any bright colours that didn’t emanate from the games themselves came either from a neon sign or two or the red fire exit sign at the back of the place. The in-game Gorgargraphics are ok – typical Wii graphics, with a few jaggies here and there that were quite noticeable on my HD plasma, but not enough to ruin the total experience. I would compare it, visually to an early XBOX game. When I compared the graphics to the game collection, Pinball Hall of Fame – The Gottlieb Collection on the original XBOX, to my eyes the XBOX version looks a little sharper to me. Either way, it wasn’t terrible, just not overwhelming graphics. They would probably look fine on a standard definition TV.

The controls work very well. You use both the nunchuck and the Wii-mote. The B button (trigger) on the Wii-mote and one of the Z buttons on the nunchuck are right and left bumpers, respectively and you pull back on the nunchuk’s analog stick for the plunger. Sound seems dead on to me. I love the sound of Pinball machines, and this collection delivers. From the clanging and cluncking of bells and bumpers to the thud of the plunger and the rolling of the ball on the (simulated) wooden surface of the play field, it’s all there. Add a imagereasonably convincing rumble element and you’re talking about a winner.  The tables are all from Williams, a big games manufacturer. They range from a late elecro-mechanical table to some very good modern machines with all the bells, whistles, multi-level play fields, evil taunting disembodied robot voice glory. A lot of choices of Pinball tables and various unlockables adds to the overall enjoyment.

Though far from perfect, you have probably guessed that I like this game.

Oh: and apparently there are versions for both the PS2 and the PSP, though I have not seen either in any of the stores in my area.

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While on the Subject of Pong…

9 04 2008

plasma Here is an amazing homebrew interpretation/update of the classic video game, Pong: Plasma Pong.

This game has been out for a while and it is absolutely free for the download. I have to say that they did a fantastic job re-vamping the old classic. Very addictive, I think I am going to see how well this integrates into my arcade machine.

The link is from PC World.

Here you go!

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