Now Hunting for: the Elusive Atari Jaguar

18 03 2008

jaguar03 Well, now that I’ve found my coveted Vectrex (see January 28, 2008 post), I have to set my sights on a new goal, and I’ve decided to make it the Atari Jaguar game system.

The Jaguar was the last home system released by Atari (not including the relatively recent releases of the Atari Classics plug n’ play systems). Released in November 1993, it was at the time the most powerful game system to date. Claiming 64 bits of gaming power at a time when the next most powerful system was the 32 bit 3DO, this machine should have wiped the floor with the other systems of the time. But, as was the case with Atari at the time, a combination of poor marketing, pricing and timing led to the ultimate commercial failure of the Jaguar. Despite the additiJAG_jaguniton of a CD-ROM add-on (which happened to make the system resemble a toilet), was not enough to save the  system.

Although I’ve never actually played with one, I really want to find one of these systems. One game, Tempest 2000, is for me reason enough to justify the purchase, not to mention the possibly kick-butt game Alien Versus Predator.

Here are a few Jaguar videos from Youtube:










Well, that’s all for now folks! Have fun and keep on gaming!!!

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Trashed” by Black Sabbath



3 responses

12 10 2008
Fanofthe OLDIES chic

I LOVED ALIEN VS PREDATOR for JAGUAR… and a number of other games that i can not remember at the time. Jaguar and Turbografix 16 were my favorite childhood gaming systems. HOPE u find it its a must have.

Late 80s baby

3 08 2010

I have the completer atari jaguar system. New in Box. I would like to sell it. please contact me @

2 01 2011
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