Another Cool (but not "Classic") On-Line Game to Keep You Tied Over…

27 03 2008

boomstick Hey folks;


Here is a another cool, free online game for you all: Boomstick.

It’s a simple shooter. You aim your shotgun with your mouse and move your character left and right either with the arrow keys or A and D. Shoot the moving blocks and collect the debris for ammo. A simple but very addictive game. If you have problems with it in Firefox (I didn’t), try it in Internet Explorer


Check it out here

Spy Hunter Inspired Car Commercial!

26 03 2008

Just saw this commercial online a few minutes ago and had to post it. It’s for the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, and the commercial is inspired by the classic game, Spy Hunter!


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I’m Thinking about starting a Classic Gaming Podcast

26 03 2008

radio Hello my imaginary Internet Friends!

So, over the past couple of weeks I have been contemplating starting a Classic video game related podcast. Actually, I’ve thought of doing this on and off for the better part of two years. Inspired by shows like Retro Gaming Radio, I think I might be able to contribute to the scene, myself.

Now, like many of my “big ideas”, there is definitely a big possibility that this will go absolutely nowhere, but I hope if I put the idea out there, I may be more likely to actually follow through with it.

If anyone out there in Internet Land is interested in contributing or helping out in any way, PLEASE let me know either by leaving a comment on this entry, or by emailing me at

Also: Don’t hesitate to bug me about wether or not I am working on this, as that too may help spur me on.


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While on the Subject of Silly Tetris

20 03 2008

I just found this on a random “Stumbleupon”, and it is funny!


Waffle Tetris!


Here’s the original Flickr link

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Human Tetris

20 03 2008

A little while ago I posted video of Human Powered Space Invaders… Well here is Human Powered Tetris. This is hilarious, and art at the same time. I LOVE IT!!!!



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Behold: The Atari Portfolio

19 03 2008

Portfolio-open-bat  Hey folks, hope all is well.

Today I want to share with you another of the gems in my collection: The Atari Portfolio pocket computer.

The Portfolio was launched by Atari in 1989. Developed by Distributed Information Processing (DIP) of Surrey, England, it was/is a 16 bit DOS compatible pocket PC that runs on three (3) AA batteries for what seems like forever! The LCD is monochrome without backlight and has 240×64 pixels or 40 characters x 8 lines. Software and memory expansion was done with smart cards.

From Wikipedia:

“There is an expansion port on the right side of the computer for parallel, serial, modem or MIDI expansion modules. It uses a card expansion port for removable memory, which is not compatible with PC card as it predates that standard. Expansion cards were available in sizes of 32, 64, and 128 kB initially, and later were available in capacities up to 4 MB. The expansion cards are backed up by a replaceable battery which lasts approximately 2 years. Built-in applications include a text editor, spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 compatible), phone book and time manager. Expansion cards contained programs such as a chess game, a file manager, and a finance manager. Most text-based MS-DOS applications could be run on the Portfolio as long as they did not directly access the hardware and could fit into the small memory.”

This is a very cool little machine that I found at a Pawn Shop for $24.99 Canadian, with the parallel port interface, several memory expansion cards (in need of new batteries, which I replaced), boxes and power adapters. I just wish I could figure out a way to load software on it from a PC made since 1990!

Here are a few more pictures of it:

Original Box



The Portfolio, closed







The Parallel interface (to hook up a printer or to interface with a PC)











Portfolio with Parallel interface connected








An Expansion Card











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Now Hunting for: the Elusive Atari Jaguar

18 03 2008

jaguar03 Well, now that I’ve found my coveted Vectrex (see January 28, 2008 post), I have to set my sights on a new goal, and I’ve decided to make it the Atari Jaguar game system.

The Jaguar was the last home system released by Atari (not including the relatively recent releases of the Atari Classics plug n’ play systems). Released in November 1993, it was at the time the most powerful game system to date. Claiming 64 bits of gaming power at a time when the next most powerful system was the 32 bit 3DO, this machine should have wiped the floor with the other systems of the time. But, as was the case with Atari at the time, a combination of poor marketing, pricing and timing led to the ultimate commercial failure of the Jaguar. Despite the additiJAG_jaguniton of a CD-ROM add-on (which happened to make the system resemble a toilet), was not enough to save the  system.

Although I’ve never actually played with one, I really want to find one of these systems. One game, Tempest 2000, is for me reason enough to justify the purchase, not to mention the possibly kick-butt game Alien Versus Predator.

Here are a few Jaguar videos from Youtube:










Well, that’s all for now folks! Have fun and keep on gaming!!!

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Sorry for the Recent Lack of Posts… Here’s a Game to Play:

17 03 2008

NES Hey imaginary Internet people!

Really sorry for the recent lack of posts, but life on the other side of the screen has been busy lately.

I am going to try to get back on track with the posts, but for the time being, I will leave you with a link to a cool online Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator by the name of vNes. It’s written in Java and runs great on my machine, but I suspect that it might run slower on an older machine.

There are literally hundreds of games to choose from (in the left hand column). The controls are simple: Arrow keys, Z and X mapped to B and A respectively, Enter is Start and Ctrl is Select.

Here is the link:

Have fun and talk to you soon!

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Awesome Free Game: Stick Arena

4 03 2008

Though not a “classic” video game, this was too fun not to post! I found the game, Stick Arena after I stickArenaGoogled “free flash games”. It was in the  top couple of search results. It’s a online multi-player shootem’ up… Only you’re a stick man, as are your opponents. Simple but effective game play and graphics, I thought this game was really fun. I think I played it for about an hour or so, which for me means I like it.

And for free, who can beat the price. Click the link below to go to the game.