And Another Classic!!!

17 02 2008

Ok, this is quite a bit of posting in one day (for me), and I really have got to get to work, but here is one more from my collection:

ATARI XEGS Game System (and Home Computer)

This game system shipped from Atari in 1987 and included a detachable keyboard wich allowed the system to be used as a computer. The following is the short entry on Wikipedia regarding this system:

The XEGS was sold bundled with a detachable keyboard (first for an Atari computer), a joystick and a light gun (XG-1), and a couple of game cartridges (Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator II). The XEGS was essentially a repackaged 65XE, and was compatible with almost all Atari 8-bit software and hardware as a result. Bad marketing and a lack of newer releases hampered sales.

I found mine at a certain flea market in Edmonton, Alberta where I seem to find a lot of good deals. I also found a Qix game cartridge for this system at the same flea market, but a different table. I’d love to find one of the light guns and perhaps the matching joystick. The joystick was just a regular Atari 2600 stich, but grey instead of black.

Here are a couple of pictures of my system:


The Base system


The system with keyboard attached.




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