Three More Rarities From My Collection

14 02 2008

Hello imaginary Internet People. I have taken pictures of three more relatively rare systems from my ever growing collection of classic video game systems. Here they are in absolutely no particular order:

Commodore CD32

This one is really cool. Commodore (the makers of the Commodore 64, one of the biggest selling personal computers of all time) produced the CD32, which was basically an Amiga 1200 computer without a keyboard or a hard drive. Released in 1993, you can probably guess from it’s name that it was a 32 bit CD based game system. An add-on board was available which basically turned it into a full fledged Amiga computer. My unit has a add-on called a TVI that has a modem and supported a remote control. Apparently the modem was used to access certain dial up banking services, and the remote was long gone when I acquired this little baby.

Although a fine machine, it never really gained much ground here in North America. It seems to have been a little more popular in Europe.


Commodore’s CD32 (dust and all!)


A CD32 controller

Sega CDX

The Sega CDX (Multi-Mega outside North America) was a portable Genesis (Megadrive to those from outside North America) and Sega CD wrapped up in a unit not too much bigger than (at the time) a portable CD player – which it also functioned as.

Released in 1994 as what seemed like an attempt to gather interest in Sega’s Sega CD format, the CDX ultimately failed, although it is an interesting and well designed piece of gaming history.


Sega’s short lived CDX gaming system.


The X’EYE is a clone of the Sega Genesis and Sega CD combined into a single unit, licensed by JVC with a few extras. Along with doing everything a Sega Genesis and Sega CD could, the X’EYE offered S-Video out, microphone in (and a microphone volume control) for karaoke and an enhanced sound system.

This is a cool looking machine that I have not seen many of… heck I’ve only seen one “in the wild” and I bought it!


music note While writing this, I was listening to “I Think of Demons” by Roky Erickson & the Aliens





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