Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch (1981) & Nintendo DS Lite (2006): Proof that Good Design is Timeless

5 02 2008

Among my collection of video games and toys are a number of handheld games from a number of manufacturers and one of these companies is Nintendo. Nintendo released a line of handhelds back in the very early 1980s called Game & Watch. These units had a game, and a clock (the “Watch” part of Game & Watch). While most of them were a rectangle with an LCD screen and simple controls, there were a number of them that openened up dkonggw(clamshell like) to reveal two screens. I have managed to find two such dual screen units: Donkey Kong (shown) and Firefighter (not shown). The first thing that came to mind was how much it looks like the design of the current Nintendo DS.  This just goes to show that a good design is timeless!

Take a look yourself and decide for yourself:







music note While writing this, I was listening to “Freewheel Burning” by Judas Priest




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7 02 2008
14 08 2009

Hi, I was just wondering how much is the nintendo Donkey kong game worth roughly?

15 08 2009

I’m really not sure. I saw one go for $65 Canadian on ebay a year ago, but I got mine for $1 at a garage sale so prices definitely vary!

2 01 2011
2010 in review «

[…] The busiest day of the year was June 22nd with 464 views. The most popular post that day was Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch (1981) & Nintendo DS Lite (2006): Proof that Good Design is …. […]

6 08 2011

People will no doubt find the Nintendo DS Lite to be a way for Nintendo to sucker people out of their money. It can be that way, if you think of yourself as a sucker, but for me the DS lite is a little better. Simply put, if you’re content with your original DS, then don’t even waste time to buy this one. If you don’t have a DS period, the DS Lite is a much better…

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