So much for writing every freakin’ day!

14 01 2008

Bad Religion – The New America – Let It Burn

Good morning imaginary people!tired_husband

Well, my plan to write a blurb everyday certainly isn’t off to an amazing start, as it’s been a freakin’ week since my last post.

It’s another Monday morning, and predictably (to me at least), I am tired again.

I really don’t have much at all to say except have a great day people, and that I will try AGAIN to write daily!


One more Post this Morning:

7 01 2008

While I can still think of it: I just have to say that the fact that Obama won the first Primary (caucus?) image in the US… and looks to win the next (New Hampshire), gives me hope for our “Friends” just south of us. I just hope this continues.

Damn… Monday Again

7 01 2008

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Wheels Of Confusion” by Black Sabbath

Not much to say but, Ugh… Monday!Damn Tired...

Monday is my “Early Morning” day. This is the day each week that I have to make sure everybody at work get’s paid properly. It’s all the day where myself and my assistant Manager look at the sales for the previous week (and or month), and base what we are going to do for the following week to drive sales. Exciting, ‘eh? 🙂

Anyway, I have got to get to work, but I thought I’d write some  as I am trying to get myself into the habit of writing on here as often as possible!


Happy January the 8th…

6 01 2008

music note While writing this, I was listening to “Mesmerization Eclipse” by Captain Beyond

Well folks, just thought I’d take the time to post a “Hello” and Happy New Year.

hatchetNot too much on the go right now. Watched a cheezy but enjoyable Slasher/Horror movie a couple of days ago. It’s called Hatchet and really reminded me of the 80’s horror movies, like Friday the 13th – you know the ones: A seemingly unbeatable Monster-Man killing off a bunch of people in the wilderness. Fun stuff if you like the genre. Going to be heading up to Edmonton on January 25th to see my Mom and some friends… Oh, and on January 30th, My wonderful Wife and I will be going to see Brent Butt in concert. Looking forward to that, and I hope to be back on here well before that!