…and While We’re on the Subject…

25 01 2008


Maganavox later released the Odyssey 2 as a competitor to the wildly successful Atari VCS (also as the 2600, and to others as simply the Atari). It was never nearly as popular as the Atari VCS, but it did sell enough units to keep it lingering on the market from 1978 to 1984. Despite not being a powerhouse and having a lot of cheezy games, it did have a certain charm and a few gems. If you find one, you HAVE to hunt down a copy of KC Munchkin: a maze game very similar to Pacman.  So similar in fact, that they were threatened with a law suit and had to make some serious changes to the game and re-release it.

K.C. Munchkin

Commercial voiced by Leonard Nimoy

Another commercial, this time featuring the Wizard showing off The Voice. This was an add-on that predictably added speach capabilities. Apparently it also offered enhanced music and sound effects.




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