Tired…So Tired

18 01 2008

Oh man, have I been having trouble sleeping lately. Now, I normally sleep sleep    between 4.5 and 5.5 hours a night, which I find more than adequate, but for the last three nights I’ve averaged 2.5 or so hours. I’m not stressing or worrying about anything, so I really have no idea as to why I’m not sleeping… Maybe I need some time off? Maybe…

Aside from that, things have been really good. My back which always bugs me hasn’t been too sore lately, and my knee, which I injured shortly after Christmas has been a hell of a lot better too. Work has been great, and home life is excellent. I know that’s boring for you imaginary blog readers, but it’s good for me!

So, with that boring  post, I am going to get ready for work

Later folks!




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