Ok… I missed a day, but I do have an excuse!

16 01 2008

Hello Phantoms of my Imagination!491219678_2b7f054780

I know I said that I’d try to write every day, and I really meant it too… It’s just that I did a lot of work on my PC yesterday, and it was out of commission until 1:30 am this morning… and at that point I was not in any mood to blog anything.

What did I do to my PC? Well, I was originally just going to install a new   Sound card (a Soundblaster X-Fi), along with a 500 gig SATA drive I had recently purchased, but when I opened the case I realized that the only place I had open where I could install the soundcard was directly against my video card, which would disturb airflow and probably cause overheating of both cards. The reason I had little room is due to the fact that I also had an add-on IDE/Sata card installed because I had three IDE hard drives and an IDE DVD burner in my machine and not enough IDE channels, as my board (like many now) only has one IDE channel.

Frustrated, I yanked out the three IDE hard drives and the add-on card, installed the soundcard and proceded to reinstall Windows Vista. Once Windows was reinstalled, I then spent hours attaching the IDE drives to an external USB drive case and copying all the information and files that I wanted to salvage from said drives.

Now that it is all over, and my PC is running nicely, I have to say something else: Damn does iTunes take a loooooong time to reindex a music and video library. Sure, there’s almost 200 gigs of files in that library, but this is a FAST machine. It’s a screaming fast Quad Core Intel chip with four gigabytes of (very) fast ram on a fast motherboard with the files on a fast SATA hard drive. Still, iTunes has been indexing since this morning at approximately 2:00 PM – it’s 12:29 PM now. That’s almost 10 freakin’ hours, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping yet. CRAZY!

Well, that’s it for now, as I have to get to work.

Take care!!



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