Very Cool EEE PC Touch Screen Hack

31 12 2007

Thought I would share with you some video I found on the ‘Net from a guy that hacked his Eee PC (see previous post regarding this awesome little PC).

I thought it was cool, and am really considering doing this!

The Asus Eee PC – Best Gadget I’ve Ever Purchased? Maybe…

12 12 2007

EeePC701_black A couple of weeks ago I purchased a micro-notebook computer from Asus called the Eee PC. This tiny machine is about half the size of a regular laptop, and runs for more than three hours on it’s battery. This little baby packs in three USB ports, a SD/MMC slot, built in webcam (low resolution, but surprisingly clear and bright), wireless 802.11 b/g and integrated ethernet. Shipping with 512 megabytes of ram and just a 4 gigabyte solid state flash harddrive, I almost immediately upgraded that two megabytes of ram and stuck a an 8 gigabyte SD card for additional storage. The screen is a little small (7 inches) with a true resolution off 800X480, and a simulated 800X600 (screen scrolling), but very crisp. I don’t think I’d want to be working on large spreadsheets, as the scrolling would probably drive me nuts, but word processing is a breeze, and surfing the ‘Net worked fantastic (although, once again, a larger resolution would be nice). One thing it doesn’t have is any kind of optical drive. No DVD or CD drive, to save space, cost and battery life, many may find this a pain, but I haven’t. I have a cheap external DVD burner (drive was $20, external USB case was $25 – put them together and I have a $45 external 16X DVD burner) that I plugged into it. The Eee PC recognized it right away, and on a lark, I threw in a DVD movie to see if it would play it… It did – beautifully!

The Eee PC ships loaded with Xandros Linux with a simplified interface, but you can select a full interface, or actually install Windows XP (not included), as they supply a disk with Windows drivers for all the laptop’s hardware. This is what I opted for. I now have Windows XP running quite smoothly on this little machine. I stripped out any unnecessary Windows components to save precious space. IT WORKS AWESOME!!!

I connected it to my wireless network seamlessly, and streamed video, music and files without any hiccups. This is especially cool, as streaming media means that I don’t have to store it on the already limited storage space.

So, how much is this little puppy? $1000? $1500? Try $400!!!

Highly recommended folks, buy it!!!