I have the Greatest Staff in the World…

30 04 2007

Hey imaginary people, how are you?

I just thought I’d take a moment to mention something that happened a couple of days ago:

I manage one store in a largish chain of Pet stores. Last week the big boss did a whirl-wind tour of the stores in my city (Calgary), with some of the Head Honchos from the company. They zipped through my store and were extremely happy with what they saw. I made sure that credit was given to my staff.

They were so happy in fact, that they invited me to to a trade show in Chicago. They don’t normally take store managers, so this is a huge compliment.  On top of that, they asked my Fish Room manager to attend another big trade show (along with myself), this fall.

Despite my being out of the store for the previous four days (meetings meetings meetings!!!), my team managed to get the store looking absolutely awesome. When the tour was over I felt 10 feet tall. I was absolutely buzzing! I described the feeling as like taking a Sudafed and drinking eight beers! 🙂 Hat’s off to Becky, Jenae, Megan and Trish (in alphabetical order), for an absolutely amazing job! I am so lucky and proud to be working with such a great group of people.




2 responses

22 06 2007

Lee you are awesome!!!!!

29 10 2010
Surge Protectors :

my cousin runs a local pet store and i love looking at those cute puppies that he keeps on the store,-‘

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