Windows Vista – A Brave New World?

6 02 2007

Windows Vista UltimateHello, my imaginary Web-People friends!

I haven’t written for quite a while, as I have been busy with work and other shiny things

VistaOn to what’s new: I purchased a brand-spanking-new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from my local OEM (OEM= Original Equipment Manufaturer) distributor and installed it. My verdict? I love it. Sure some of my hardware isn’t supported yet, as some hardware manufacturers haven’t caught up on their driver distributing, but It’s coming. I managed to trick Vista into using a driver for simmilar printer, and now mine works fine. I installed Vista on a separatehard drive from my Windows XP and have the choice as to which operating system I want to use when I start up the machine. For non techie/geeks, this is called dual booting, and is in my opinion the best way to go when installing Vista – at least until there is more support for more hardware.

For the average PC user, I would suggest buying a new PC designed especially for Windows Vista, as I believe that unless you are a geek, you probably will find the upgrade frustrating… If you’re like me and are comfortable being your own computer tech (and are running a fast machine with lots of ram and a modern video card), then go for it.



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