Mac-Head? Well, not yet…

15 02 2007

Hey all you people that probably don’t exist.

So, last Sunday I did something crazy: I went out and bought a Mac Mini computer.mac mini I’ve been considering purchasing a Mac since they switched over to the Intel platform (and they became capable of running Windows), but just hadn’t made the jump.

How do I like it? I love it. Now, I haven’t gone and dumped my PC for this little machine, nor am I planning to, but I have to say that this machine is a pleasure to work and play on. I like the operating system (OS X Tiger), and the inclusion of the iLife software package is a really nice touch. Also included is a copy of Quickbooks – maybe I’ll try balancing my bank accounts someday!

I think my ultimate goal with this machine will to be integrate it into my home entertainment system. The fact that it has DVI out makes it perfect for cannecting to my big screen tv. Why would I want to do this (you may or may not be asking yourself)? The Mac is great at playing all sorts of different media files, has good wireless network access and iTunes was made for it. It can also be used as a pretty good game system to. Though not as many as the Windows platform, there is a great selection of games for the Mac (Halo anyone?). Add emulation of arcade and classic console games to the mix and you have more than enough reasons to justify the purchase price ! 🙂 This is a Multi-Media power house (well, at least when compared to most commercially available network connected multimedia devices) in a case not much bigger that five cd cases laying flat on top of each other… That’s why!

I’ll keep you posted on this!

Two Potentially Awesome Concerts in My Near Future

9 02 2007

Hello all (anyone?)…

Well, I thought I would take the time to brag about two exciting (to me, at least) concerts I’ll be attending in the near future.

Wolfmother Album coverThe first one takes place February 25th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is Wolfmother. This band just rocks. Apparently they are a bunch of young guys out of Australia that sounds like they time travelled from 1972 (or so) to rock our modern world. They have a huge retro hard rock sound that I freakin’ love. If these guys are even half as good live as they are on cd, then this will be a great show. The venue they are playing is called Reds. Reds is a large bar/enertainment center. I’ve never watched a band there, but I know others that have and they say it’s not a bad place to see live music.

Heaven and HellThe next show is thew real big one: Black Sabbath (touring under the moniker, Heaven and Hell), March 13th at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have been a big Black Sabbath fan for a long time, and this incarnation of Black Sabbath is my personal favourite. This is Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath. For those that are not familliar, I will fill you in. When Ozzy Osbourne left/was kicked out of Black Sabbath in 1979/80, Ronnie James Dio was asked to step up to the mic and take over the spot of lead vocalist of the worlds Greatest Heavy Metal Band (my opinion, but hey, it’s my Blog). They released The two excellent studio albums, Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules, along with the live album Live Evil (Black Sabbath’s first “official” live album), before Dio parted company with the band. Several years later this incarnation of Black Sabbath reunited and released the album Dehumanizer. A song from this album, TV Crimes, made it’s way onto the Wayne’s Word 2 soundtrack. Part way through the tour for Dehumanizer, Ronnie James Dio left the band.

Any way, those are the shows. I will post reviews of them after the fact. Keep watching!

Windows Vista – A Brave New World?

6 02 2007

Windows Vista UltimateHello, my imaginary Web-People friends!

I haven’t written for quite a while, as I have been busy with work and other shiny things

VistaOn to what’s new: I purchased a brand-spanking-new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from my local OEM (OEM= Original Equipment Manufaturer) distributor and installed it. My verdict? I love it. Sure some of my hardware isn’t supported yet, as some hardware manufacturers haven’t caught up on their driver distributing, but It’s coming. I managed to trick Vista into using a driver for simmilar printer, and now mine works fine. I installed Vista on a separatehard drive from my Windows XP and have the choice as to which operating system I want to use when I start up the machine. For non techie/geeks, this is called dual booting, and is in my opinion the best way to go when installing Vista – at least until there is more support for more hardware.

For the average PC user, I would suggest buying a new PC designed especially for Windows Vista, as I believe that unless you are a geek, you probably will find the upgrade frustrating… If you’re like me and are comfortable being your own computer tech (and are running a fast machine with lots of ram and a modern video card), then go for it.