Assembling my Spitfire

19 12 2006

Cheapo $ channel Spitfire - Partially assembledWell, I started putting my Spitfire together today. I would have finished too if I had not recieved so many calls work too! Sometimes being the boss isn’t so great!

This is a pretty simple model (or so it seems so far) to assemble. I hope it flies well too. One thing that I ame grateful for is the fact that it didn’t come with the cralooking orange propeller that most pictures on the ‘Net show it with. I wonder who decided that orange is a good colour for a propeller. Anyway, the two proivided are black and that makes me happy. Now, if this baby survives me flying her then I think I may look for a more realistic looking triple bladed prop soon.

I’ve read a few reviews on this plane and they seem to be positive for the most part (which is a good thing), but apparently it should be flown by someone with a bit more experience (which might not be so good)… But still, I’m gonna fly her: Experience be damned!!!!

I’ll post on the carnage later!




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