A New Hobby: Remote Control Airplanes!

15 11 2006

My Sky Fly

Well, over the past month I’ve managed to get myself into a new hobby. That hobby is remote control (rc) airplanes.

This is a hobby that I have yearned to get into for years but always thought that it was too expensive… Boy was I wrong! On a recent trip into a local hobby store (PM Hobbycraft http://www.pmhobbycraft.ca/) I asked an employee how much it would cost to get started in the hobby. I wasnted to know what it would cost for a full, entry level trainer plane – radio and all. I didn’t want something like the toys that they sell in Radio Shack (or The Source), but something that I could actually learn on and transfer those skills to a more advanced aircraft later. I expected a price somewhere between $350 – $500. Boy was I surprised when he came back with a price of $89!

Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of a Hobby Zone Sky Fly trainer rc aircraft.

I garauntee that there will be many posts on this subject to come!



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